The One about Star BBQ in Los Angeles


It was late and my brother and I were hungry.

And when we put our heads together to think what is open in the wee hours of morning, Star BBQ in Los Angeles’ Koreatown came to mind.

Located at 601 S. Ardmore Avenue in the Wilshire Center, Star BBQ is quite interesting because it’s all you can eat and there are many options to choose from.

Once you sit down, you see a grill but a menu such as all you can eat Drinker’s Choice for $15.99, or the Classic Star AYCE 1 for $19.99 or premium star AYCE for $20.99.

With the $15.99 meal, you can order marinated squid (spicy, soy sauce), black pork belly, marinated pork rib, large intestine, chicken bulgogi (spicy, soy sauce), pork skin, small intestine, abomasum, hot pepper paste stew, soybean paste stew, scorched rice soup or steam egg.

While the $19.99 menu includes both the Drinker’s Choice and beef brisket, prime rib finger, pork neck meat, marinated beef ribs, beef bulgogi, beef belly loin, beef boneless short ribs, spicy black pork belly, spicy soft tofu stew, kimchi rice lunch box and cold kimchi noodle soup.

The premium gets you both selections plus pork jowl, BBQ sausage, wine-marinated pork belly, veal intestine, beef tongue, spicy baby octopus, shrimp and assorted vegetables (mushroom, sweet potato, squash & onion).

And then you have your choices of beverages with beers or soju ranging from $7.99 to $9.99.



We stuck with the Drinker’s Choice and I personally stayed safely with the chicken,squid or marinated pork rib.  Meanwhile, my brother absolutely loves intestines, abomasum (tripe) and pork belly.  Which I did try, but it’s not for me.

Noticed that as a late night place, a lot of people do go hear to get a late meal but also to kick back and drink.  In fact, a good number of people were wasted the night we went out and dozens of bottles of liquor were on their table.  So, obviously a good place for spirits and Korean BBQ.

For the most part, customer service was good and Star BBQ is definitely a solid place to get Korean BBQ.  I will definitely need to try the premium offerings the next time I stop by, but maybe more towards dinner time than after midnight.