The One About the COACH MBC Solid Beach Tote

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I often visit the beach during the hot summer and I typically don’t like bringing any of my really nice leather bags to the beach.  It’s typically back-packs or cheap older tote bags that I had in the closet.

But since early winter, I have had my eye on the COACH MBC Solid Beach Tote and while COACH has offered several colors of the tote, utilizing the colors of orange, tan, brown, white, yellow and navy blue, for me, I wanted the navy beach tote (F71321).

But because of its price and the fact that I could purchase other things that catch my attention, beach totes are more or less, bags that catches my attention but then seeing other products at a COACH store, you kind of lose interest quickly on canvas totes and focus on the leather.

But with the warm weather and another major sale, after months of debating, I decided to get the canvas navy MBC solid beach tote from COACH which features a canvas leather trim.

The handles are about 7 7/8″ drop and the bag is 22 3/4 (length) x 14 3/4 (height) and 7 3/4 (width).

Because it’s a beach tote and you don’t want someone stealing your bag, especially if you are traveling in an area or country where your tote could be targeted,  it’s probably best that the COACH logos are not too apparent.

So, the majority of the identifications that it’s a COACH bag is a small leather flap on the side of the bag and the interior of the bag.  You also see the COACH logo on the clip closure and the handle buckles.

While the bag is primarily navy canvas, as with the brown stripes, the tan and orange seen on the bag are all leather.

On one side, there is a not so evident open pocket which is good.  And inside the bag, where the major leather identification is an interior zippered pocket.

One thing you will notice with the bag, one side of the handles is sewn to the bag, while the other side has a buckle and they are placed on opposite sides.

Underneath, the bag, you will see a small leather riser and so the entire underneath area doesn’t get scuffed or damaged as much.

But overall, this COACH beach tote is what I have been wanting.  Something that I don’t mind bringing to the beach and getting sand on it.  Something that you can put in your vehicle and not worry about it sticking out or worry about it getting stolen because the bag doesn’t scream COACH, but it still has the COACH brand and quality.

There are leather elements on the bag but this bag is primarily for those who love COACH bags but don’t want their bag getting destroyed by salt water and sand, for those wanting a lot of space for the weekend, also a bag that you can keep in your vehicle but yet it doesn’t scream COACH, which can be important when traveling to different countries.

Overall, if you are looking for a beach tote that is well-made, definitely give COACH beach totes a try!