The One about Dustin Diaz’ “This Is Strobist Info: Your Setup Guide to Flash Photography”

NOTE: This review was originally published back in 2012 A few years ago, I became very interested in Strobist techniques, primarily the use of off camera flash, the importance of lighting and learning on various positioning, the equipment used by other photographers and trying to learn as much as I can from them. There is no denying that among the best resources out there for those wanting to learn Strobist […]

The One about the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatories

In Shinjuku, Japan, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatories are one of the few locations to get a great look at the city, but also to get night shots of Tokyo at night (if you are a photographer). Unfortunately, the location does not allow for a tripod and there is light being reflected on the window, so you will have to put your lens on the glass and have a […]

The One about the Thule TEED-117 EnRoute Escort Daypack

Sweden-based company Thule is best known for their outdoor products and when it comes to traveling, I really dig their EnRoute Escort backpacks. I have been using the Thule TEED-117 EnRoute Escort Daypack which is designed for a 17″ MacBook Pro + iPad (note: This backpack will work for any 15.6 PC and 10.1″ tablet). Like previous computer bags, I take a look at protection, comfort, durability and also the […]

The One about the Actron CP9125 PocketScan Code Reader

My older Toyota Corolla has been experiencing the check engine light quite a few times recently. And unfortunately each place locally wants to charge a minimum of $45 just to tell you what the code is and it’s quite disconcerting that each time, it’s “tighten your gas cap” and having to pay for a code check. More than likely, the issue is going to happen again and you might as […]

The One about the Epson EX5230 Pro Projector

Presentation projectors have come a long way. As a longtime user of projectors, the Epson EX5230 Pro XGA 3 LCD Projector offers a lot for any company wanting to invest in a projection printer but also for those who tend to do webinars for their business. I. What’s Inside the Box: – EX5230 Pro projector – Power cable – Computer cable (VGA) – USB cable – Projector remote control – Soft […]

The One about UltraViolet

For those who know of my work, many know that I review many films and that includes a lot of films on Blu-ray.  Back in 2008, I only had 21 Blu-rays in my collection.  In two years, I had 576.  In 2015, I’m now at 1,700. For any collector and also for us reviewers, the thought of having Blu-rays all over the place, is one that makes one think of […]