The One about the Tokina AT-X 100 mm f/2.8 Pro D Macro Lens


I have been wanting a Macro lens, particularly a 100mm f/2.8 lens for quite some time now. And when my mind was made up to purchase the Canon 100 mm lens, I ended up going for the Tokina AT-X 100mm f/2.8 Pro D Macro Lens.

I have never heard of the company before but I was told by a Japanese associate about a company in his city that made quality lenses and the company was Tokina. Did my research online for those who were able to use the lens and the reviews were stellar. I then look online, especially on flickr and surprised to see there was quite a fanbase for the lens and the pictures were absolutely gorgeous. Not just Macro shots but also portrait shots. Reading that this it focuses 1:1.

I was impressed! But I was not sold just yet…I’m a guy who does a lot of research and I always figured that there is Canon, then Sigma and then Tamron lenses… but Tokina? And then after months of research and reading user reviews diligently in English and in Japanese, I was convinced. This is a company that cares about quality and its fanbase are just as supportive.

I was sold!

My first test was shooting skippers and butterflies and what a great feeling to not just see the little hairs of the insects but then to see the detail.

My second test was shooting eyes…once again, great detail.

Then I started shooting my usual contributions to a watch forum where I shoot close ups of my manual and digital watches and the detail was magnificent.

And then today, I put it through other tests…more eyes, ants, action figure dioramas and the colors were great, the bokeh was also great! This lens literally left me speechless.

And from this day forward, I am now sold on Tokina products and will definitely look into buying more lens from them.

The quality of this lens is great. Not too heavy and easy to use. Automatic focus…move the top up, want manual, bring it down by a click. Easy. And you get three focus range limitations. Select limit those who shoot 1:1/1:2 or 1:2 infinity and then full for full focusing range.



This macro lens is fantastic! The shots are magnificent, the build is great and its really easy to figure out. Just make sure that you are getting the PRO D version when you purchase it and that you’re not overpaying. It averages around $399-$450 (new).

And because it’s not a name like Sigma or Tamron, don’t think it’s anything less because Tokina makes quality lenses and their AT-X 100 mm f/2.8 Pro D Macro Lens and for its price is awesome!

Highly recommended!