The One about Fashion in Japan (2015)


Long time no see!

I returned from Tokyo yesterday afternoon and I am trying to get enough sleep and recover before returning back to a full load of work tomorrow morning.

While the weather was cold, windy and rainy most of the time I was in Japan, there were some days with sunshine.

During my trip in Japan, my observations for March 2015… the brand “The North Face”, Stussy, Converse and Adidas were no doubt big in Japan at the time.

Meanwhile for women, the primary trend was women in camel colored jackets and black pantyhose/tights.

For men, what made me happy to see guys really being selective with their man bags and many men caring about their hairstyle, their eye wear and shoes.  And when it came to suits, sure there were many guys in the usual black, but there were guys who went for the navy blue, charcoal grays which were great to see.  And they were dressed nice despite feeling under the weather and wearing a mask.  Even the older men were styling, which was great to see!

But I’ll post more…for now, I’ll need to get some sleep!

Take care everyone!