The One about Gundam Cafe in Akihabara

For Mobile Suit Gundam fans who are visiting Tokyo for the first time, many are excited to try out Gundam Cafe. Located in Akihabara, next door to the AKB48 Cafe, Gundam Cafe is a place that people visit for the atmosphere and being surround by Gundam merchandise, Gundam-related autographs, mecha aplenty. And of course, a place where you can grab a light snack that’s listed on the menu. For the […]

The One about Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku (Tokyo)

For the longest time, I have been told by friends to check out the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho area. Seeing videos and reading articles, I went ahead and reserved my seats in advance. With several shows in the afternoon, I chose the early evening that myself and a few of our staff members can watch the event. We were guided into a few stairs where we entered a room […]

The One about Akihabara

Akihabara (a.k.a. Akiba) is a district in the Chiyoda ward of Tokyo. While known as “Akihabara Electric Town” and was the place to go to (after World War II) for household electronic goods, the city has since been transformed to a otaku mecca, with shopping for video games, anime, manga and maid and idol cafes are throughout the district. Akihabara is know to serve the male otaku (as opposed to […]

The One about Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park

Not far from Mt. Fuji is the Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park. Known for its attractions such as Evangelion World, Nagashimasuka, Shining Flower Ferris Wheel, Mad Mouse roller coaster and Great Zaboon, the attraction is known for its Thomas Land (Thomas the Train), Adventure Land of Kaketsu Zorori, Ultimate Fort, Hamtaro Hide-and-Seek in the Forest, Mizuki Shigeru’s Ge-Ge-Ge Haunted Mansion, Panic Clock and more. It’s a fantastic experience and worth attending. […]

The One about Tonkatsu MAiSEN (Omotesando, Tokyo)

Are you a tonkatsu fan? For those who can’t get enough of the breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet, there are many places to eat tonkatsu in Japan. But one restaurant specializes in tonkatsu and that is Tonkatsu MAiSEN and it’s a restaurant so well-revered that it draws large crowds of people who want to eat there and has received a lot of critical praise for its taste. We arrived at Omotesando […]

The One about Eating at Aqua City in Odaiba (Tokyo, Japan)

Are you planning to head to Odaiba? While you can find many awesome restaurants in the area, definitely give Aqua City Odaiba a chance as there are a good number of restaurants that can be found on the 5th and 6th floor. For okonomiyaki, try Tsuruhashi Fugetsu on the sixth floor. The restaurant is big on ingredients and cut the cabbage differently each season in order to bring out the […]

The One about Dining at Yamakyuu Udon in Iyashi no Sato NENBA (Japan)

Iyashi no Sato NENBA (known as “The Healing Village”), one of Japan’s famous villages for beautiful thatched houses is one of the gorgeous locations to see Mt. Fuji. But while the summer time may give you the best photography for the region, we traveled the area in March during cloudy, snow and rainy conditions. So, unfortunately, we had no clear sight of Mt. Fuji. Surrounding the thatched houses is the […]

The One about the Dolica WT-1003 67-Inch Lightweight Monopod

I’ll just say that among the monopods out there that are under $20, the Dolica WT-1003 is a fantastic monopod for its price and quality. I. INSIDE THE BOX Inside the box is a Dolica Lightweight Monopod with a bag. The monopod has three levers for extension and has the rubber footing on the bottom that can be twisted up to reveal the spike (for outdoor use). II. COMPARISONS Compared […]