The One about Akihabara Backstage Pass


One of the restaurants that I was looking forward to in Akihabara is “Akihabara Backstage Pass”.

The restaurant is a collaboration with Sharan Q vocalist and Hello! Project producer Tsunku and founder/executive director of 5pb., Shikura Chiyomaru.

Their joint venture is Le:iDo Entertainment and their goal with Akihabara Backstage Pass is to create a cafe that was idol themed.

But unlike other idol cafe’s, the waitresses are aspiring idols and as the customer, you are the producers and you can help vote them in and help them advance.

Those who make it get to perform on stage and it’s an exciting thing to see as wota (hardcore idol fans) are screaming in the crowd and everyone was really into the performances.

But you only pay for 1 hour of your time and if you want to watch more, you have to pay more.

Unfortunately, no photography is allowed inside, but they do allow you to take pictures of the menu.

And because we happened to go on one of the popular member’s birthday, the place was packed, which added to the excitement of the evening.

As for the food, it’s not the greatest and you don’t get all that much.  But the point of this cafe is to enjoy the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay longer than an hour but I’ll probably need to stop by this cafe again!