The One about Tonkatsu MAiSEN (Omotesando, Tokyo)


Are you a tonkatsu fan? For those who can’t get enough of the breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet, there are many places to eat tonkatsu in Japan.

But one restaurant specializes in tonkatsu and that is Tonkatsu MAiSEN and it’s a restaurant so well-revered that it draws large crowds of people who want to eat there and has received a lot of critical praise for its taste.

We arrived at Omotesando and was surprised that while not far from the main strip,Tonkatsu MAiSEN Aoyama Hontenwas located near neighborhoods by Omotesando Hills.


The restaurant is located in a building that used to be a World War II public bathhouse. But once you get in, and take off your shoes (it’s good to make sure you are wearing clean socks, especially ones with no holes in them), you are then seated in one of two areas.  Please note that this restaurant is where you sit on the floor, not in chairs.  For us, we were seated upstairs where you sit on the floor. While I am used to it, for my friends who weren’t, it was not easy for them. You are then given a hot damp towel to clean your hands and then are given a menu.

Because of the preparation of the food, the food is not exactly quick. So, use the time to have conversation among friends, drink some tea, water or do something to pass the time. If you are in a rush, then going to MAiSEN is not advisable.



It’s important to note that because you are eating at a reputable restaurant, you’re going to have to pay slightly higher. So, for a good meal, expect to pay around 4,000 yen. While my friends were about trying the best, I decided to try something different and that was the Kurobuta Fried Pork Cutlet for 1,580 yen.

Overall, Tonkatsu MAiSEN was delicious and the atmosphere was great. But truthfully, if you are on a budget, you can find tasty tonkatsu in other locations.