The One about Leaving to Tokyo!


If there is one country that I often look forward to visiting, it is Japan.

It’s a place that I love for its openness, its ability to be fashion forward and for the most part, exciting and mysterious all in one.

Each place you visit, may it be Ginza, Omotesando, Shibuya, Shinjuku, etc. has its own distinct charm and you’ll often discover something new as many things change quite often.  One shop or restaurant that you enjoy, may not be there the next time you visit.

One fashion fad that is in one season is replaced by something new for the next.  That is part of the allure of Japan, trends change and the country reinvents itself to evolve and also retain its culture but looking forward for constant change, while certain things remain the same.

When my father went to Japan back in the early ’70s, there were still a lot of buildings but Japan was a much different time.  Speaking of my father in Japan, it’s often surprising to see my dad rocking the cognac Chelsea boots, bell bottoms, dress shirt and aviators…  I still do the same thing minus the bell bottoms but still, it’s great to see my father styling’ back then.

I’ve written about how my father’s subscription to GQ Magazine was a big influence to me as a child and has influenced me even today.

I’ll be departing for Japan in several hours but I look forward to sharing more about my trip while I’m in Japan.