The One about the COACH Varick Garment Bag


COACH is often known for leather-based products and even though you will often find summer bags made with another material, you still have quite a bit of leather pieces on the bag.

Recently, while visiting my local COACH store, the ladies brought out a few of the products they received and what caught my eye was this COACH Varick Garment Bag (F93316).

It’s actually a garment bag but with the number of pockets included, it also makes it a convenient weekender.

From the front of the bag with its COACH logo and COACH labeled metal buckle.  You also get the COACH leather tag connected to the leather handle, and the rear features the COACH leather tag with serial # which an ID tag can be kept inside the pocket.  And as always, the COACH metal buttons are also engraved.

First, let’s discuss the bag when it’s unopened.  On the front, there are two side pockets on the left and the right.  When you purchase this bag new, the nylon strap is inside one of these pockets.  The strap features a metal locking buckle but the strap, similar to the COACH black leather brief I reviewed, does not come with a padded shoulder strap.

As for the rear, right above the leather tag is a zipper which adds more room with a pocket that is nearly the size of the bag when closed.

When you open the bag,  you have the full bag to put clothes in like a typical garment bag with its zipper enclosure.  But you also have two huge zipped pockets on the top and another in the center.

But overall, this is a useful garment bag that adds more zing to the standard garment bag because it makes for a great overnight or weekend bag.

The dimensions of the bag are:

11″ (L) x 11″ (H) x 22 3/4″ (W) (closed)
36 1/2″ (L) x 21 1/4″ (H) (open)

It is nylon, so I wouldn’t recommend traveling with this bag in areas during wet conditions.

But overall, this is a wonderful garment bag worth owning because of all the extras it tends to offer.  Recommended!