The One about the Mizuno Wave Inspire 10’s


As a person who is trying his best to become an “avid” walker (not jogger, not runner) as of December 26, 2014, walking has done a lot for me these past few months.  Losing weight and helping me gain the stamina I need, especially with all the walking I’ll be doing in Japan in a few days, I have been purchasing running shoes.

While I know I could of went to a store that specializes in running shoes and got the answers I needed, that stubborn side of myself wants to learn by trial and figure out what kind of runner am I?  And what shoes will do me right!

So far, having purchased New Balance trail shoes, Asics Gel Kayano’s, now I will try out a Mizuno Wave Inspire 10, last year’s model which went for over $100, but you can find on sale under $40 as of recent months.

While I would have love to purchase the Mizuno Wave Inspire 11, I’ll wait once they start to fall in price, as the 11’s retail for $120 at this time.

While I purchased black Mizuno Wave Inspire 10’s back in December from the sale, not long after posting on Facebook, my father replied with a “I wear size 11”.

I found it odd he would post that in a Facebook comment but I think it was his way of saying “buy me shoes!”.

And because we wear the same size 11’s, I gave him my just purchased Black Mizuno Wave Inspire 10’s.

But it stood in the back of my mind that the original intent was to try them on for myself but didn’t blink an eye until Finish Line had a Mizuno sale and once again, they were on sale.

So, here I am with a red pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 which I have since called them my Evangelion shoes.

The Mizuno Wave Inspire running shoes are made in Vietnam and were created for overpronators.  With the Wave Inspire 10’s, according to Mizuno, “Mizuno support shoes use Fan Wave technology to stabilize the foot from heel strike to toeoff. Mizuno support shoes also utilize a supportive upper, forefoot sculpting and the new U4ic midsole foam for lightweight support that won’t slow you down.”

Mizuno also said about the Wave Inspire 10’s:

The Wave Inspire 10 has been completely revamped, while still retaining its unmatched level of lightweight support. With the new U4ic midsole, the 10th anniversary edition of the Inspire is the lightest version we have ever made and yet, it’s even more supportive. The fit’s also improved with a sleeker design and internal midfoot and forefoot straps. With a “moderate” level of support, the Inspire 10 is lighter, better cushioned and “quicker” than our competitors’ support shoes.

Part of the allure about the Wave 10’s also is that it weighs under 10-ounces, offers plenty of forefoot cushioning and good heel cushioning.  Love the treading around the shoe and I have to admit that I like the design on the red versus the Black that I purchased for my father and even the white version of the shoes.

So, I look forward to walking with these shoes tomorrow and during heavy walking days during my vacation in Tokyo and because they are quite the funky, stylish red shoes, I will probably wear these as casual shoes and jeans during a casual day!