The One about the Call It Spring GARDNER Boots


With my last review of a CALL IT SPRING boot, I decided to give ALDO’s affordable shoe company another chance by purchasing the GARDNER boot.

Offered in Gray, Brown, Black and Cognac (which is not available in California), the lace-up boot features a distressed upper with leather lining, but the shoe is made with synthetic materials and its sole, which looks like wood is actually rubber.

Once again, I must say that I’m impressed by these boots sold by CALL IT SPRING.

I have put the GARDNER through a lot of tests from work to walking around damp to wet floors and the boot is definitely a bit smooth but the heel definitely does have a grip.  It’s just that wearing them, I noticed that if you are not careful, you can slip with these boots.

I’m not sure how much the stitching on the bottom of the outer sole will hold as most shoes have the stitching and there is a dent that the stitching doesn’t come in contact with the ground.  So, it will be interesting to see how these shoes will do overtime.

I have not had any problems with the leather lining peeling, nor have I had problems with major scuffing.  With that being said, I only wear the GARDNER boots once a week or every two weeks, not on a daily basis.

I do recommend one to possibly add a padded insole for comfort as the current insole may seem a bit too stiff.

Overall, the GARDNER boots from CALL IT SPRING is a stylish boot.  I love the Cognac colors and the boot looks great!

But I am concerned with the stitching underneath the boot and the lack of any noticeable grip can lead to injury.  It’s one thing I would like to see CALL IT SPRING work on a better tread for their outer soles.  It’s one thing to make awesome looking shoes, especially for the GARDNER with a wood-like outer but then have a tread that is non-existent.   I haven’t had a slip on these boots, but others may.

Still, if you can get these boots for a good price, these GARDNER boots are definitely worth considering.