The One about Sockbeat


Many people who know me, now I have a special admiration for socks.

While I have a considerable amount in my collection, as I do with shoes, watches and denim, one thing I get noticed a lot for are my socks.

I believe that any outfit can be upgraded by socks, especially for well-planned color coordination.  Everything from clothing, pants, socks and shoes, can really show a lot about a person’s aesthetic style.

And in the past, I used to keep it safe, wearing only black and to this day, I wouldn’t be surprised if I had several dozen of black socks.

And I use the word had, in past tense, because over the weekend, I tossed many of them out.  Not because they were bad, worn out or had plenty of holes, as I wouldn’t have kept those at all.  But it’s primarily for the feel and the quality.

I have been very picky of how much of a percentage of cotton are in the socks I wear and when I saw that was offering a box of socks, that featured 80% combed cotton for softness, 15% polyamide for increased durability and easy washing and 5% elastane to keep your socks elastic, that was more than enough for me to order myself a box.

According to, for why they use combed cotton:

The texture is much softer because during combing process all the dirt and impurities are removed. Fabric feels more exclusive because combed cotton doesn’t have short threads that stick out. Material is also stronger, because shorter and breakable fibers have been removed during combing process. As a result you get softer, stronger socks that are comfortable to wear.

So, I purchased the box offering their five socks: Cross Beats, Checkmate Beats, The Big Red Beats, Beats of The Captain and Power Beats and I love the feel of these socks.  They felt perfect!

I love the bright colors and there is no doubt that the socks are vibrant thanks to the use of red or dark red.  The socks offer different colors as the toes and heels, and the heels were where they were supposed to be and the fit was perfect on my size 11 feet.

It’s important to note that the box is cardboard and despite being well-packed with bubble wrap all around, because it’s coming from overseas, to keep shipping costs down but yet provide a lot of bubble wrap, the box didn’t hold up as well during the long travel from Europe to California, but that’s OK.  I was all in for it primarily for the socks and was expecting the box to have dings, since the box is made of cardboard.

But other than that, I’m more that happy about my socks.  These are quality socks, well worth the price but now that I purchase these five, one can hope the company produces more variations of socks with different colors or patterns.  I’m all down for Breton Striped socks!

But as long as maintains the 80% combed cotton, then I’m definitely going to keep buying from them, because they produce quality socks that are well worth the money!

And the cool thing is that the box featuring all five socks have also dropped in price in 2015 and are now $46.20 with free shipping.

If you love socks, you owe it to yourself to check out!  Vibrant, stylish and also feel great on your feet!  Recommended!