The One about the COACH Camden Leather Zip Travel Zip Bag


For those who are traveling to another country, I recommend a passport cover or a zip travel bag.

In some countries, it’s the law for foreigners to have their passport on them.  Also, it comes useful in case something bad may happen to you and authorities can identify you, but also if you are stopped by the authorities who want you to show them a passport, you have it on you.

One of the coolest bags offered by COACH is the Camden Leather Zip Bag (COACH F66756).

A black leather bag (9 1/2″ (L) x 5 3/4″ (H) with a zip enclosure, an inside zip pocket to carry cards, USB cables, and the other side is the official COACH logo and the serial number on the case.

But one of the coolest aspect is the powered four USB-port hub.  Included is a power plug adapter, two USB-iPad/iPhone/iPod adapter cables and two cell phone cables.

The USB port has the COACH logo but for those who may be weirded out by the “Made in China” hardware, but there is a disclaimer that the device complies with part 15 of the FCC rules , does not provide harmful interference and it accepts any  interference received.

Of course, like any leather product, you will want to purchase leather moisturizer and cleaner to protect it.

While the bag retails for $198, you can find it much cheaper online or a COACH Factory store.

I’ll be taking this bag with me to my trip to Tokyo, so let’s hope the electronics live up to COACH quality as well.