The One About the COACH Lexington Leather Flap Business Brief


As a big supporter of COACH leather bags, I needed a new laptop bag.  And it was a difficult choice because I’m trying to avoid getting too much black as in the past, everything I purchased was black.  So, I’m opting for more camel or brown type of leather bags.

But I still feel that black bags are still worthy of purchase and while I have several bags for my laptops (in black), I was in need of another.

And so I ventured into our local COACH store and purchased the Lexington Leather Flap Business Brief which was on sale.  They only had two colors, one being black and the other being mahogany (darker brown).

Surprisingly, there is no COACH identifier on the outside of the bag but the buckles and the black leather tag.

The dimensions for this bag are 15 1/4″ (L) x 11 1/4″ (H) x 3 1/2″ (W).

The bag features a buckle (pushlock closure) that removes once the button portion is pressed down, which allows you to lift the top panel off the business brief.  There is only one pocket outside of the bag and that is on the rear side which is roomy to hold quite a bit of documents.

But once you open the top flap, you have a zippered pocket which reveals a pocket for cell phone and other multifunctions (three total pockets) and enough room to put documents in this bigger zipped pocket.

The tags are in black, with black lettering and the buckle shows the COACH logo without the round stroke around the words COACH.

Once opened, you will see the major compartment with a zipper to hold more documents or tablet.

The COACH leather identifier is in black with black lettering but it’s important to note that there is no serial number on the leather COACH badge for this bag.

You have a divider in the center and a standard laptop and tablet (15 inches or less) can fit inside this bag.  There are two more additional pockets that are located inside the main area as well.

There is one handle to hold on top of the bag and it comes with a detachable strap for shoulder or crossbody wear.

The bag retails for $598 and you can find it for $319.99 on sale but you can find great deals with this bag under $200.  In fact, I purchased this bag from COACH during a sale for $95.99 on clearance.

The brief has since been replaced by the Bleecker flap brief in leather.  I prefer the look of the Lexington with the shinier chrome and buckle design.

But there are a few key things that I wished was on the Lexington that is on the Bleecker Flap Brief and that’s a leather detachable strap with shoulder protection on the strap.

Considering how much the COACH Lexington Leather Flap Brief cost, the nylon strap was  a surprise as it should have been all-leather.  Also, the Bleecker offers two pen and three credit card pockets, but the Lexington has multiple big pockets.

Even my first leather brief that I used back in college had three pen holders, credit card holder, business card holders.

The Bleecker also comes with a metal COACH id tag and the black leather tag, the Lexington only comes with a leather COACH tag.

And last, the Bleecker offers Fawn (camel) and not just plain dark brown leather, so I like the fact that the new Bleecker 2015 briefs have received an update since the Lexington and thus the Lexington models are on clearance.

With that being said, despite its shortcomings when compared to its 2015 counterpart, this is still a stylish and awesome bag may it be to carry a laptop or tablet and additional documents.

And for any businessman or student looking for a briefcase, this now-retired COACH Lexington Leather Flap Brief is a wonderful purchase if you see it at your local COACH store on sale!