The One about Kit Kat in Japan


Kit Kat, the popular wafer candy wrapped in chocolate which originated in the UK back in 1935. By 1973, the candy would be released in Japan and since then, the Kit Kat brand and candy has been popular.


A big question we are asked is where people can buy Kit Kat special editions. You can pretty find Kit Kat special edition boxes at various location. For example, go to Fuji Q Highland and you can find the Kit Kat Mt. Fuji strawberry cheesecake special edition.



But for others locations in Tokyo, in Shinjuku, go to the Takashimaya store and you can find a Kit Kat Chocolatory store. There are also stores in Seibu Ikebukuro and Daimaru Tokyo. And also in Daimaru stores in Umeda, Sapporo, Kyoto and Fukuoka Tenjin. Also, in Nagoya at Matsuzakaya.

With over 200 different versions released since 2000, each year, there are different offerings available. For 2015, one can find Hazelnut, sweet potato, mini pumpkin, cookies and cream and sweet raspberry limited editions.

You can find bagged editions at many locations such as local drugstores as bags of sweet tea mini-Kit Kat to regular editions can be found.

Check out every Kit Kat version released in Japan here.

Kit Kat photos were taken by me and and Antonio Airoso