The One about Kit Kat in Japan

Kit Kat, the popular wafer candy wrapped in chocolate which originated in the UK back in 1935. By 1973, the candy would be released in Japan and since then, the Kit Kat brand and candy has been popular. A big question we are asked is where people can buy Kit Kat special editions. You can pretty find Kit Kat special edition boxes at various location. For example, go to Fuji […]

The One About the COACH Lexington Leather Flap Business Brief

As a big supporter of COACH leather bags, I needed a new laptop bag.  And it was a difficult choice because I’m trying to avoid getting too much black as in the past, everything I purchased was black.  So, I’m opting for more camel or brown type of leather bags. But I still feel that black bags are still worthy of purchase and while I have several bags for my […]