The One About Banana Republic Socks


Each time I visit a store, one of the last things I try to see are their socks.  Often many stores tend to have sales or great selections and I happened to visit the local Banana Republic store as I was in the mood for argyle and different variations of striped socks.

And if you visit after the winter holidays, you’ll often find socks especially at Banana Republic stores to be on sale.

While the socks at Banana Republic tend to go for $8.50, sometimes they will have a 40-60% off sale on socks.

Banana Republic socks are one size and are made in Korea.

The socks with the white tags are made with 65% cotton, 32% polyester and 3% elastane.  While socks without the white tags tend to be on clearance and are 60% nylon and 40% cotton.  The argyles tend to be 55% cotton and 45% nylon.

For the most part, the socks are comfortable.  I liked how the colored heels were at my heels and despite being one size, never went to high past the heel.

While I tend to look for combed cotton socks especially at a ratio of 80% for cotton in socks, it’s always important to remember that socks with a higher nylon will probably not last as long as the polymer degrades over time.  So, if there is a certain sock you enjoy from Banana Republic and it’s on sale, then purchase at least 3 pairs of that same sock.

But being a fan of socks, as long as the style catches my attention, I buy them and the more variety of colors that work with my clothing selections for the day, the better.

In some way, I feel the same about my watches and shoes, I like to have a variety every day and tend to not wear the same things one week and again the next.  Socks are important to a wardrobe, especially if you enjoy dress shoes and so, if you are on a budget, you can find amazing deals at Banana Republic for men’s socks.

Yes, Marshall’s and Ross have great deals for the usual banal black, blue and beige dress socks for a great price but if you want more color variety, you’ll need to purchase a pair of socks individually and eventually have socks that will match the occasion to match an outfit or bring out your awesome shoes.

So again, on a budget for socks…Banana Republic offers a wide variety of styles worth checking out!