The One About the Fried Rice


I love fried rice.

Unfortunately, the way I liked it would kick me out of my schedule of eating healthy.  So, I had alternate things a bit, minus the eggs, meat and bulk up on the veggies.

So, here is my recipe for my fried rice.


– Brown rice (white rice is fine as long as you don’t eat too much of it.  I only eat it once a month or two)

– Butternut Squash (Pre-cut and packaged is fine)

– Mushrooms

– Green Onions (cut to small pieces)

– Garlic (minced)

– Fresh Kale, leaves only

– Four pinches of Kosher Salt

– Ground Pepper to taste

– Teaspoon of Thyme

– Two tablespoons of Soy Sauce

– Cooking oil on a pan

I start off with cooking the rice first.  So, prepare your rice, may it be pre-packaged.  I was raised with using a rice cooker, and it’s really worth having in your kitchen, especially for steaming vegetables!

While the rice is cook, the first thing I do is put cooking oil on a pan and then add the butternut squash.  I actually cook this on high for a few minutes as I like it to caramelize and there is a bit of crispiness to the outside layer of the squash.

I then change from high to low-medium and added the mushrooms, green onions (cut into small pieces) and garlic (minced).  I add these to the pan and let it cook, while I add two pinces of kosher salt and ground pepper and a teaspoon of thyme.

While the vegetables are cooked, I then take kale leaves (I threw away the stems) and added it to the vegetables and stir them and then go to medium high.  I cook these until the butternut squash is tender and the vegetables are well-cooked.  I then add a two tablespoon of soy sauce and then cooked and stir.

I then added the rice to the pan and stir until it’s well-mixed.  I add another two pinches of kosher salt and a bit more ground pepper and put it at high for another three minutes and after it’s cooked and the rice is fried, turn off the pan and it’s ready to eat.

Now, it’s time to eat (and catch up on those magazines that you have subscribed to).

Bon appetit!