The One About the H&M Socks

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H&M is known for being stylish but yet selling their products for a lower price.  The concept of H&M and also Forever 21 have changed the fashion landscape in terms of affordable clothes and have propelled the companies in popularity.

For those not familiar with H&M, the company H&M Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M) is a Swedish multinational retail-clothing company which opened their first store in Vasteras, Sweden back in 1947.  In 2013, they opened their 3000th store in China and have become the second largest global clothing retailer (#1 is Inditex and #3 is GAP Inc.).

I know there are many who would roll their eyes especially if they are used to paying a lot for their clothing but there is nothing wrong with pairing H&M clothing with other clothing that is much more pricier.

I enjoy H&M t-shirts, plain white and black v-necks and I also enjoy the variety of socks that they offer.

I visited our local H&M store to check out their offering of socks and this 5-pack of socks really caught my attention.

The socks are made in Indonesia and are made with 76% cotton, 23% polyamide and 1% elastane.

With this pack, you get a blue and gray Breton-striped sock, gray sock with red on the heels and toes, blue sock with dark blue on the heels, toes and top portion.  You also get a polka dotted dark blue sock with light blue on the heels, toes and top portion.  And one more larger horizontal striped sock in black, red, gray and dark blue.

For the most part, the socks are pretty cool!  But I recommend being careful when you remove them from the package and use a scissor to cut the string that holds them together, or else, you may find yourself making a hole in your sock.

While the majority of the socks fit well, I did face one issue.  The polka dot sock, I will use as an example.  The sock fit perfectly as I wear size 11, but the blue the heel portion went past my heel, up to my ankle.  That was a little surprising as I haven’t had that happened to me before.

But so far, the other socks fit well.  So, not sure if the sock was a size larger.  But for the most part, all socks looked good and I immediately went to H&M’s website to purchase more socks.  H&M offers other colors of 5 Pack socks which you can view and purchase on their website.

Overall, a wonderful deal for five different pairs of socks for $10!