The One About Valentines Day


Every year, many of my friends call or e-mail to ask what I’m getting my wife for Valentine’s Day.

Among me and my friends, I have been married and have been with the same woman for many moons and I have purchased many things for her and have learned what works and what doesn’t.

Despite how much I have thought that she would love new technology for Valentine’s Day.  I have been wrong.

The purchase of a new watch.  I was wrong.

So, for many years, there was a banality of a dozen roses, perfume, candy and the occasional teddy bear.  The thing is for Valentine’s Day, if you have been with your significant other that long, you should pick up on the subtle things that they enjoy.

Granted, I’m sure many men have splurged on a Hermes gift, Manolo Blahnik shoes or a small trip and have the money to afford such things on Valentine’s Day but for many of my friends, the goal is to come up with an awesome gift that they can afford.

And that is why I am asked often of what I’m purchasing for my wife for Valentine’s Day.

For 2015, I wanted simplicity with a big bang.  To do something different and key in on the things that she really enjoys.  And I notice for the wife, it was candles.

So, I went to Bath and Body Works.  A store she frequented, while I went clothes shopping.

I like to talk to women who work and are perusing the store to get their input and it seems that for many of them, they loved the scent of the Mango Dragon Fruit and the Japanese Cherry Blossom candles.

I then opted for the “Love is So Sweet” Shea-Infused Lounge Socks.  If your wife or significant other cares about their feet, these socks also make a great gift.

And with many stores, they tend to offer special deals such as special Valentine’s Day gift bag which includes Japanese Cherry Blossom body lotion, shower gel and fragrance mist.

So, for 2015, I went for candles and other cool gifts that she can use and will last more than a week.

And she absolutely loved it!  End it with a great lunch or dinner (or a movie) and it makes for a great Valentine’s Day!

So for friends and many of you who are reading this and still have yet to purchase a gift, I definitely recommend checking out Bath and Body Works for gift ideas for Valentines Day!