The One about the AEO Leather Lace-Up Boots

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When the American Eagle Outfitters AEO Leather Lace-Up Boot went on sale in February for $34.99, needless to say many people including myself, couldn’t wait to get these boots.

There are some who have said that these are the exact same boots as the Eastland Lumber Up Boot that retails for $125.

Are these the exact same boots?  Eastland boots are sold on the AEO website, but it’s hard to say by looking at the photos.  Suffice to say, I ordered the boots immediately!

Aesthetically, the boots look the same but the Eastland sole is more tan and has a brownish trim near the stitching to somewhat compliment the two-tone shoelaces, while the AEO version has a white sole and bluer paint trim near the stitching.

While the Eastland version is blue, AEO calls it black when it’s not black, it’s the same kind of blue.  But the AEO version does have a genuine leather upper,

The eyelets are painted for the Eastland version, while the AEO version is more gray.  The Eastland logo is often evident on the top outside of the boot, this one does not have the AEO logo.

The AEO version is not lined, while the Eastland version is fully lined with a cushioned insole and supportive shank.  These boots are cushioned and wore them all the day and did not suffer any foot pain, but I wasn’t walking long distance with them either.

As for the bottom rubberlon outsole, they look the same as it has the mini-groove sole for traction.

The AEO version is made in China.

Personally, for the price, $34.99 is great.  In many ways, the AEO version and Eastland version are nearly the same yet with subtitle differences and minus the lining and better cushioned insole that are found in the Eastland boots but then again, you are paying $100-$115 for the Eastland version, while the AEO version at $34.99 is much cheaper yet gives you a little less.

Many have asked if these are good for the snow and truthfully, I would never wear these for the snow or around water.  These are primarily dress boots that you want to wear once in awhile, versus daily and putting them through a lot of stress.

The American Eagle Outfitters AEO Leather Lace-Up Boots were true to size and had no pinching on my heel or toes when wearing them to the office during a full work day.

But for the most part, this is an attractive boot at $34.99.  The boots are originally priced at $89.95 on AEO, but at $34.99-$44.99, the pricing is pretty good for boots at that price.

The boots are currently out of stock on the AEO website as many people snatched them at $34.99 but these are boots that are still worth the purchase at the pricepoint. But if you want the Eastland version, definitely look online as they sometimes go on sale for $50-$79.

But if you want a boot that will last you for years, are better quality and you are willing to spend the money for quality boots, I do recommend checking out Red Wing, Thorogood and for snowboots, also check out the LL Bean boots.