The One about the No Show, Low-Cut Socks


The winter is almost over and while parts of the United States are freezing, while traveling for work, I was shocked to see the area I was traveling to, around 90 degrees.

Suffice to say, here in California, some areas are starting to warm up too quickly and made me realize that it is almost time to wear no show, low-cut socks.

For so long, many of my friends thought I was sporting no socks when I wore my shoes.

The truth is, very few people can pull that off, but more than likely, many of us who tried, have saw the end result and it was not good at all (nor did it smell good at all).

During the spring, I like to wear no show, low-cut socks.  And while there are many to buy, it depends how well hidden you want them to be.  And if you traveled to Asia, may it be China, Japan or Korea, you will see a lot of men wearing shoes with their no show socks.

And for one, the socks from Asia really go out to make sure the “no-show” is as no-show as possible, are typically Unisex and most importantly, because no one will see these socks, they are generally sold for anywhere between $1-$3 a pair.

But there are other things that I consider important as well.

For one, if you are prone to foot sweat, then you’ll want to invest in something like Gold Bond Foot Spray (or powder) or Odor Eaters.  The last thing you want is to get athlete’s foot from all the bacteria from the sweat, so this is quite important.  And you may want to look into various types of anti-bacterial soap, which is good to use, especially if you want to soak and relax your feet and file that dead skin off.

And last, use a cedar shoe tree (look at my previous article on the Nordstrom cedar shoe tree) as not only does it keep your shoes from shrinking but also eliminates bacterial growth.

But everyone can sport the look of wearing shoes without socks, but it doesn’t mean you should.  Definitely invest in no-hide, low-cut socks!