The One about Harajaku Kawaii Fashion


I realized I never posted this on my blog, but my photos were featured on the J!-ENT 2014 Annual… Anyway, a little late but enjoy the photos!

Harajuku Kawaii.

It was a big part of the 2013 J-Pop Summit Festival thanks to appearances by 6% DOKIDOKI’s Sebastian Masuda and the Harajuku Kawaii models but also, the event was highlighted by a live performance by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

J-Pop Summit Festival’s goal was to incorporate more of the Harajuku Kawaii fashion with showcasing “ma chére Cosette”, which specializes in French-retro accessories.


As the audience went crazy over the accessories and fashion, they were then treated to another style of fashion courtesy of KERA magazine fashion model, Akira. Best known for her single “Aoki Tsuki Michite” for the TV anime series “Black Butler – Book of circus” but also for her gothic style and also, as one Japanese pop star told me, “woman who
looks like man”.

The next fashion show followed up with models sporting “Aymmy in the batty girls” featuring local models plus appearances with Harajuku Kawaii models Misa Kimura, Una
and Aymmy fashion designer, Ayumi Seto.

The fashion show culminated with a fashion contest in which attendees were able to showcase their “kawaii fashion” and were judged by Ayumi Seto, Misa Kimura and Una.

There is no doubt that Harajuku Kawaii fashion has found a home at J-Pop Summit Festival and the reception for it has been wonderful.
We look forward to Harajuku Kawaii fashion in 2015!