The One about Croquette at Izumiya Restaurant in San Francisco


For some reason, when I’m in San Francisco at Japantown, I have a craving for croquette.

For those not familiar with croquette, it’s a deep fried mashed potato with beef inside.

And for the most part, the main place I tend to visit is Izumiya in Japantown, second floor.

The place gets busy and a few times I have went, I had to wait in line.

But the croquette is inexpensive and they are crispy with its panko crumbs and full of flavor.  While it may not be the best croquette that I ever tasted, you just don’t find it often in California and the fact they sell it her, for me, it’s worth eating every once in awhile.

Of course, this is more of an appetizer to the big meal you order but I just wanted to give a plug for croquette at Izumiya, whenever you are near the Japantown area in San Francisco.