The One about the Ralph Lauren Polo Signature Merino Gloves

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I know, I gushed yesterday about the Original Penguin Costello Fingerless Gloves.

But this time, we are going to switch gears to the Ralph Lauren Polo Signature Merino Gloves.

The gloves are made of 100% merino wool, considered as the finest and softest wool of any sheep.  So, these gloves are meant to be dry cleaned and not washed.

The fingerless gloves have optional fold-over flaps that can be secured over the fingers with snapped closures and features rib-knit cuffs.

These are available in blue (darker blue), red (darker red), black pine heather (forest green), camel heather (beige) and are sold for $40 (but during the winter sales, they go down to $14.99).

I like the fact that the gloves have a snap button to keep the flaps down, but I do wish the Polo logo was the other way around.

I know, many of you will wonder, which do I prefer…the Original Penguin Costello Fingerless Gloves or the Ralph Lauren Polo Signature Merino Gloves.

Aesthetically, I like the Costello gloves as the button and the tan leather make it look so darn cool.  But the Ralph Lauren Polo is made of Merino wool and not acrylic.  I prefer Merino over acrylic in terms of softness, so I prefer the Ralph Lauren Polo for that.  Otherwise, I enjoy both and had to have both.

Do you have a favorite fingerless glove?