The One about the Original Penguin Costello Fingerless Knit Gloves


One of the coolest, inexpensive gloves to check out is the Original Penguin Costello Fingerless Knit Gloves.

Created by Original Penguin, an American clothing line introduced back in 1955, the company was known for its underwear and military garments until it released the Original Penguin golf shirt and was a counter to Lacoste’s shirts at the time.

In 1996, Perry Ellis International purchased Original Penguin and began a new branding campaign for the company in 2003.  And features clothing via their original label and their black label (Original Penguin clothing at a higher price point).


The following gloves are part of their standard label and while not 100% cotton, the gloves are 100% acrylic (for those not familiar with acrylic, these are man-made, not natural), has fold over mitten flaps with a button and synthetic leather in camel/tan or buttons.

The gloves are offered in one size and are sold in vintage indigo (blue) and light ash mix of white and gray) and these are priced at $45.99.   During the winter sale, you can get it as low as $11.99-$19.99 before tax (if you sign up for their newsletter and are a new customer, you get a wonderful discount).

I tend to wear quite a bit of blue or black and the gloves match my clothing quite well.  I love the look of the gloves and the camel-toned synthetic leather adds to the look of the glove.

So, if you are looking for an inexpensive glove to purchase during the winter sale, definitely take advantage of this year’s winter sale!