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The One about the CALL IT SPRING MAC Boots

As a person who has purchased a number of shoes from ALDO, I was surprised by the announcement that ALDO would be creating a new brand known as CALL IT SPRING. I have found ALDO shoes to be affordable but CALL IT SPRING focuses on today’s big trends but are inexpensive. But I have to admit, I was weary about the quality.  I enjoy ALDO shoes for their price and quality but would CALL IT […]

The One about Tying Your Shoelaces

Quite often, I noticed that a few men wearing shoes with their shoelaces undone and having to retie and retie again after they have come loose. And I see it even more frequently with guys who wear boots.  Their shoelaces are often getting undone.  One guy I know steps on them far too often that his shoelaces fray and he often blames the shoelaces and not because of how he ties his shoelaces.  Another that […]

The One about the Travelpro FlightSpin 2 Spinners

If you are traveling internationally, you’re going to need luggage between 29″-33″. May it be to carrier extra clothes, shoes, jackets.  Or if you are a photographer and want to include a tripod or someone who has purchased many gifts from another country and want to bring plenty home.  You’ll need the extra room! But the big question for the budding sartorial consumer is if they should spend a lot of money on their luggage? […]

The One about Men’s Personal Style Blogs

When it comes to men’s personal style blogs, many sites have their favorite top 10’s or top 20’s.  There are those who blog their daily activities, there are those who just post photos taken by themselves or something they scoured on the Internet, there are those who want to promote their fashion consulting services and there are those who want to help men out with their fashion. So, I’m going to give you my favorite […]

The One About the JCP Stafford Logan Wingtip Blucher

When listed the JC Penny’s Stafford Logan Wingtip Blucher (note: the website uses the word “Oxford”) as one of “The best looking dress shoes under $200”, I must admit that I was a skeptic. For one, it’s called an oxford, but the shoes don’t featured closed lacing.  Blucher’s feature open lacing and thus, this shoe is a blucher, not an oxford.  You can read more about it here. But part of my skepticism rests […]