The One about Leslie Kee

Leslie Kee and Nana of the K-Pop/J-Pop group Afterschool. Photo courtesy of Leslie Kee’s Facebook page.

If there is one photographer that truly inspires me, it would be Singaporean photographer Leslie Kee.

Based in Tokyo, Leslie attended Tokyo Visual Arts School to get a diploma in photography.  Having graduated in 1997, he was unable to find work until he was given a chance by City Magazine in 1998 to photograph Takeshi Kaneshiro.

Image courtesy of Leslie Kee’s Facebook page

Needless to say, his worked impressed Vogue Taiwan and Leslie Kee would be featured in Vogue and also countless magazines worldwide.

And since then, he has become the go to photographer for nearly every major fashion model and in Asia, nearly every famous actress, vocalist and music group.

His photos are just gorgeous, inspirational, sexy and artistic!

But since he joined social media, what I enjoy seeing is his interaction with the talent.  He has been posting a lot of these from his post-photoshoots and I think it’s fantastic.  When I work with Japanese entertainment companies, it was always so strict of what photos I could use.  But when you are Leslie Kee, it’s cool to see how he’s able to do what he wants and no company tells him they want it removed.  It’s great to see how the industry supports him in this manner.

But his photos are absolutely magnificent, so please definitely check out Leslie Kee’s work via Facebook, Instagram or on his website.