The One about the Cedar Shoe Trees


For many people, unfortunately taking care of dress shoes are not a priority.

But if you spent your long hard money on leather shoes that you want to last forever, you have to maintain them.

Of course, there are many ways to take care of a leather shoe, from using lotion/soap/wax, placing them in shoe bags, never wearing them for consecutive days, etc.  But #1 on your list for maintaining your leather shoes is purchasing cedar shoe trees.

Yes, they cost $19.99 or more for a pair but cedar shoe trees are important for the fact that they help maintain your shoe size and shape.


The fact is that your shoes will shrink and I’m sure many can attest wearing leather oxfords and finding out later, that they no longer fit.  Could your foot have grown or the shoe just shrunk?  More than likely, if you are older, it’s the latter.

The second reason is to prevent moisture buildup.  Your feet perspire and the moisture accumulates in the shoes, cedar shoe trees absorb the moisture.

And the third reason is that cedar shoes help prevent odor.

But which cedar shoe tree to buy?

Personally, you should not spend over $25 on a pair of cedar shoe trees.  You can purchase Woodlore (from Allen Edmonds), Jos. A Bank Cedar Shoe Trees and many more.

IMG_8085 1

I personally like Nordstrom’s Cedar Shoe Trees because you don’t have to spend $35 to get the free shipping from Nordstroms as free shipping is included, it’s $19.99 and you can pay via paypal.

I also recommend shoe trees with a split toe and one with a fully shaped heel. And whatever you do, never use shoe trees when your shoes are wet.  Use shoe trees only when your shoes are dry!

Last, if you venture into a Nordstrom’s or are visiting their website, definitely check out the Cedar Shoe Valet from Synovia as it comes with saddle soap, horsehair brush, leather lotion, creme polish and more!  Or venture to Amazon and check out the Allen Edmonds Men’s Leather Shoe Kit.