The One about the Armor Lux White Stripe Socks

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For those who want to get away from the banal solid color socks, may want to give stripe socks a try.  In fact, I will go even further to say that men should have striped socks in their drawer!

One of the coolest socks are a pair of Armor Lux (white stripe) socks inspired by the French mariner shirt.  The socks are sold by Kaufmann Mercantile for $19.90 a pair.

Made in France since 1938 but introduced back in 1858 were the navy and white stripe socks known as the Breton stripe.  The socks were originally designated as the uniform for all French Navy seamen in Brittany and were important as they were made for sailors to spot anyone who fell overboard.


Breton stripe socks featured 21 stripes, one for each Napoleon victory.

By 1917, Coco Chanel was captivated by the Breton stripe that she included it in her nautical collection.  And the socks became a symbol of haute-bourgeois loveliness during the pre-war Riviera years.


And sure enough Armor Lux, a French company specializing in hosiery, was founded in 1938 by Swiss-German Walter Hubacher in Quimbley, France and was bought in 1993 by Jean-Guy Le floc’h.

The socks are 90% cotton, 9% polyamide, 1% elasthanne and fits men 8-13.5.

And I absolutely recommend them!