The One about the CALL IT SPRING MAC Boots


As a person who has purchased a number of shoes from ALDO, I was surprised by the announcement that ALDO would be creating a new brand known as CALL IT SPRING.

I have found ALDO shoes to be affordable but CALL IT SPRING focuses on today’s big trends but are inexpensive.

But I have to admit, I was weary about the quality.  I enjoy ALDO shoes for their price and quality but would CALL IT SPRING be a brand that be cheaply made and as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for?”.

I had to find out myself, so I decided to check out their CALL IT SPRING MAC boots.

IMG_8074 1

IMG_8073 1

Available in black or camel, I opted for the camel as the photos online look quite awesome.

The MAC boots feature leather material with a rubber soul.  It’s a lace-up dress boot with a round toe, side zipper and leather lining.  The boot is held in place very well and it didn’t show any signs that it was shoddily put together.  The zippers are a nice tough but it’s more look  and doesn’t add any extension, so no need to full around with it.

The shoes are made in Portugal and are true to size, which is a plus.  Although, I did question the sole as it didn’t have any signs of actual grip.  But I would have to test this out on various flooring to see how it does.

My first impression of these boots were how stylish they were, so I decided that it passes the look test, the fitting test and so far I have been pleased with the results.  But next up, to see how far these boots would go in a stress test at work and during a day of shopping.

The shoes held up very well, my feet were not in pain after a long work day, I received many compliments for the boots which is another plus.    The stitching held up, the soles or heel didn’t come undone, so far so good with these boots and I really put them through a major test within the last few days.  Please note that the photos are after the stress test I put them through, not right out of the box.

While I tested the MAC boots on various surfaces, there were times I felt the shoes were slipping because there was no strong grip to the boots for its sole.  But I did experience this only once and the majority of wearing these boots through various locations, I didn’t have any problems whatsoever.

Overall, I was very impressed with the CALL IT SPRING Mac Boots.  They are sold for a very good price, the boots are put together very well, they look nice and  it’s no doubt one of the boots in their lineup that caught my attention immediately (of course, after perusing the site, I wanted to try out more boots from the company).

But this is a legit shoe that is inexpensive and very well-put together. While the name and how it has been branded in the media may sound like it specializes in women’s footwear, the company sells many awesome men’s shoes, so don’t let the name turn you off.

While the prices can matchup with ALDO’s own boots on their website, I am quite pleased by the quality of this CALL IT SPRING MAC boots that I am more inclined to check out more of their shoes in the near future!