The One about Tying Your Shoelaces

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Quite often, I noticed that a few men wearing shoes with their shoelaces undone and having to retie and retie again after they have come loose.

And I see it even more frequently with guys who wear boots.  Their shoelaces are often getting undone.  One guy I know steps on them far too often that his shoelaces fray and he often blames the shoelaces and not because of how he ties his shoelaces.  Another that I kindly had to let him know, answered back with a “Oh, I mean to do that!”.

Sure, there can be shoelaces that are difficult to tie, but more than likely, how one ties their shoelaces is the reason why they become undone.  They are tied insecurely!

When we were younger, we all learned how to tie a shoe a certain way.  When I was three or four, my mother taught me the the “Granny Knot”.  And for children, we let things sly because maintaining shoelaces are not on top of their priority list (despite parents wondering how a child can shred their shoelaces so quickly) and if you have a boy, somehow their shoes are going to get untied quite frequently and as my son would say when he gives his excuse, “I was too lazy to tie my shoes after playing (insert sport here)”.

And as we grow older, we have more priorities and learning to tie our shoelaces more securely are not on some people’s minds….unfortunately.

Guys, if you are going to wear your nice dress shoes, those canvas shoes, sneakers, boots with long laces, if they are coming undone often, you are probably not tying your shoes correctly and securely.

But this is where Ian’s Shoelace Site has become a major blessing.  Ian goes step-by-step on how to tie your shoes securely and he has quite a number of methods.

My favorite and what I use primarily is the “Ian’s Secure Knot” (photo above as tested on Kenneth Cole Unlisted gray canvas shoes) and then I do a “Double Shoelace Knot” to prevent longer shoelaces from dragging, especially for my boots.

And as you learn various types of ways to tie your shoelaces, I do recommend parents to start their children early in learning how to tie their shoes, but also teaching them how to do the “Double Starting Knot” which Ian shoes on his website.  I hear this from parents so many times of how they have to buy shoelaces for their child often because their shoelaces keep getting frayed.

When they are younger, make it a priority for them to learn.  And guys, experiencing this problem, definitely check out Ian’s Shoelace site!