The One about the Travelpro FlightSpin 2 Spinners


If you are traveling internationally, you’re going to need luggage between 29″-33″. May it be to carrier extra clothes, shoes, jackets.  Or if you are a photographer and want to include a tripod or someone who has purchased many gifts from another country and want to bring plenty home.  You’ll need the extra room!

But the big question for the budding sartorial consumer is if they should spend a lot of money on their luggage?

The answer is no.

Sure, you have seen those sporting the Gucci luggage but those are people who have the financial needs to spend several thousand dollars on luggage and if it gets lost, scuffed up or whatever the case may be in terms of damage, they can easily go out and buy a new one.

But more than likely, you are a person on a budget or someone who would rather spend their money on clothes and shoes versus luggage, so what to do?

Well, for luggage, you can purchase them at most major department stores and for those who want even better deals, you can find them at your local Marshalls or Ross store.  And you don’t have to break the bank with these.  They are quite affordable and under $125.

There are a few key things that you want to look for in a travel bag:

  • It’s light
  • The handle is aluminum and not plastic
  • It has rotating, spinning wheels
  • It has top and side carry handles
  • Has some sort of skid guard and corner guard protection
  • Inspect the zippers to make sure they are not too small nor are they made of cheap plastic and look if they can break any second.
  • It has an expander
  • The luggage feels durable and fabric is not too thin

You’ll notice that you will find many luggage of bags 29″ and higher that they range from $65-$125.  Eliminate the cheaper ones without the corner guard, eliminate those with a very short handle system (especially if they are not sturdy) and eliminate any featuring a thin fabric luggage and you realize that you are left with very few choices and the price has now gone up to $99 and higher.

And for the best size and the best amount of storage , I recommend either a Samsonite or a Travelpro.  They tend to be the bonafide brands that travelers purchase and so, my decision was to go for the ultra lightweight Travelpro

And I opted for the latter for the amount of pocketsize and space and the best that I found was the Travelpro FlightSpin 2.  Sure, you will find many Travelpro luggage but for $99.99, you want the biggest bang for the buck!

So, let’s take a look at the Travelpro FlightSpin 2!

The dimensions of the Travelpro FlightSpin 2 Spinners is (30.5 x 13 x 20), so total linear inches is 63.5, which is over the 62″ maximum limit that most airline companies have and to make things worse, that doesn’t include the wheels, which then puts it probably around 65.5.  But if you are going on an overseas flight that has an 80″ maximum limit, then you should be fine!

The Travelpro FlightSpin 2 Spinners comes with top and side carry handles which is a plus.  The rear features an rear ID card holder but you can also see a skid guard below.  The fabric is made of rugged polyester with water repellent coating for greater stain and abrasion resistance.

The handle an airline grade aluminum handle system but unlike other Travelpro luggage, the handle system does not have multiple stop points.

The wheels are 4-wheel spinners that rotate 360 degrees.

The Travelpro FlightSpin 2 Spinners also comes with durable corner guard protection and a zipper reveals an expander which is a plus for those who have added more clothes to their inventory.  The zipper is an ergonomic high-tensile strength zipper which would ensure non-breakage.

The front exterior picket can accommodate so much more thanks to its large pocket.   Most luggage tends to divide the pockets into two halves.  But for this one suitcase, it’s a full pocket that can hold shoes, documents or anything else.

The top pocket is fantastic to hold suit jackets or dress shirts in the back and a secondary mesh packet to hold other important things.  While the bottom compartment has a lot of space to keep your clothes and a side mesh accessory pocket.  An adjustable tie strap is included to hold clothing down tightly.

But there is more than enough room to hold extra things, may it be a tripod, surge protector, more shoes, or gifts your bringing back from another country.  This is a major plus with this luggage and that’s the ability to have so much room.

Once again, this is a huge piece of luggage for those who are going to travel for several weeks and need that extra space.  The good news is that it is very light and with everything added, you shouldn’t surpass the 50 lb. limit that some airlines have.

NOTE: If this accompanies another piece of checked-in luggage, airlines want both to equal 50 pounds, so you will want to make sure it’s 25 pounds on this luggage.  I highly recommend bringing along a digital travel luggage scale.

And while Travelpro offers a 10 Year Limited Warranty which is a plus, if there is any damage before or after your trip, Marshalls is one of the better stores in the country to take it back and offer you credit or a replacement with return of the luggage and receipt.  So, that’s another plus!

Personally, I don’t think anyone should spend a huge amount of money on luggage.

Unlike your clothes or shoes, your luggage will endure the abuse of being thrown around, opened and moving through belts being pushed or crushed among other luggage.

Last, Travelpro is the choice of flight crews and frequent travelers.  And it’s a company that prides itself for versatility and durability.   So, that’s another positive about the Travelpro FlightSpin 2!

Overall, if you are planning to travel internationally, one shouldn’t skimp too much because anything less and you will get what you pay for.

  • Andrea

    Have you actually used this suitcase for international travel? I can’t seem to find dimensions for it online and don’t know if it exceeds the 62 inch limit.

  • Greetings Andrea, yes, I recently used it a few months ago for my trip to Tokyo. American Airlines and also Japan Airlines (JAL) took it with no problems. I actually had the same concern before I purchased it, but the size was good for international travel.