The One about GQ and the First Post


My first introduction to men’s fashion and style was when I was eleven or twelve years of age.

Playing with my G.I. Joe’s, Masters of the Universe and Transformers, I needed room to store my toys and when I went to a cabinet, I discovered my father’s GQ magazines.

There was an issue with a guy sporting a cool dress shirt and sure enough, my father purchased the same shirt.

I remember rummaging through my dad’s closet, putting on his shirts and wanting to wear them to school.  Suffice to say, he was not to pleased when he found out I took his shirts from his closet but it was my first introduction to men’s fashion.

Unfortunately, while my father had cool fashion sense when he was much younger, my family lived on a budget as they didn’t make a lot of money.

It was difficult for me because I wanted cool clothes but financially, we couldn’t afford it.  My friends wore the brand names, I wore whatever was on sale.

I wanted a Dallas Cowboys varsity jacket, I got a Pittsburgh Steelers varsity jacket instead (Was it on sale or did my grandmother get my teams confused?  Not too sure.)  But I did what I could to look good.  Tried to save my money, worked a few odd jobs as a teenager to purchase my own clothes.

Bumming clothes off my uncle and doing what I can to make the best with what I had.

I will forever remember going to my godmother’s wedding, sporting a tweed jacket and feeling, how awesome it felt to wear a suit jacket.

And it became a staple of my high school life especially as a junior in Long Beach, California at the time.  Sporting a tan or blue suit jacket and feeling awesome!

That’s how I feel today when I purchase clothes and find a match or clothing that feels good and looks good and feel….awesome!

This blog reflects my feeling about life…  Feeling awesome but also looking good!