The One about the ANSMANN Powerline 4 Pro Battery Charger


As a photographer, whenever I go on shoots, I tend to have a bag of NiMH batteries and its important for me to know the day before that these batteries are ready to go. Around the house, from remote controls, clocks to children’s toys, we are very much hardcore when it comes to purchasing AAA or AA NiMH batteries.

While certain brands have a basic recharger that has a light that tells you if they need a recharge or not, I’ve always wanted control over the charge or discharge, especially to find out if it was possible to refresh a cycle for older batteries.

This is where the Ansmann 1001-0005-US Powerline 4 Professional Battery Charger, Tester and Maintenance Device comes to play.

You can use up to 4 AA/AAAA NiMH or NiCd rechargeable batteries and connect it to the tester (which must be powered and comes with a worldwide power supply outlet and adapter outlet plug adapter and also a car charger adapter). It’s easy to use and once you have your batteries inserted, immediately the device begins to work.

The front of the unit has three buttons: CURRENT, DISPLAY and MODE

– CURRENT – By pressing this button for eight seconds, you can choose if you want to CHARGE or TEST the battery. Also, DISCHARGE or REFRESH.
– DISPLAY – This will display the charging/discharging current and the current voltage of the rechargeable battery.
– MODE – Pus the button within 8 seconds of inserting the batteries and you can – CHARGE (charges batteries, Trickle charge one charging is complete), DISCHARGE (discharges battery to minimize the “memory effect” of batteries), REFRESH (this will refresh old batteries and bring them back to maximum capacity. Refresh will be repeated (max. 10 times) until the charger can no longer register a rise in capacity. TEST (discharges battery and measures capacity)

NOTE: Charging currents can be increased up to 1500mA or 1800mA and can be set to 400mA, 600mA and 800mA.

The Annsman charger also allows for USB charging 5V/1000mA. So, you can plug your cell phone, tablet or MP3 player to the adapter to charge via USB if needed. This is perfect for those who travel!

The Ansmann 1001-0005-US Powerline 4 Professional Battery Charger, Tester and Maintenance Device is perfect for those who need complete control of their charging or discharging of NiMH and NiCd batteries. The device allows for individual supervision of each cell that is plugged in and allows for adjustable charging or discharging currents.

I like how the device allows for USB charging but also comes with the outlet and car charger adapter included and comes with a 3 year warranty.

I know many of my photographer friends who purchased a lot of NiMH rechargeable batteries for their flash device and their wireless transmitters. So, if you are a photographer and have a bag of rechargeable batteries (I use white Eneloop NiMH’s which work with this device), this device is worth owning! Especially if you use a lot of rechargeable batteries for household use!

This is a magnificent product for those who want more control over the charging/discharging of their batteries, it’s easy to use and I highly recommend it!