The One about the Duracell Powermat GoPower Long Haul Battery


My latest review is for the Duracell Powermat is the “GoPower Long Haul Battery”.

While the battery can be used as a backup for those who go on long trips or not in an immediate area to charge their electronic device, this is a battery for those need to charge their cell phone, tablet, MP3 player or whichever USB device they have overnight.

I personally am a big fan of the Duracell Powermat devices primarily for backup use or emergency use. After the 2011 tsunami and earthquake disaster in Japan and seeing how friends had no way to communicate with the world only through twitter and had no choice but to use their vehicle to powerup their device and similar situation in Bohol due to the earthquake in the Philippines in 2013 and no one having no way to charge their cell phones, I have looked at these backups as important emergency devices to have. Especially if you live in an area that is prone to natural disasters.

May it be during a long brown/blackout which does happen in our neighborhood to whenever I’m on leave to cover an event and away from my hotel and I need my iPad, cell phone or some device charged in my bag, while I’m working, I have found the Duracell Powermat to be a lifesaver in several occasions.

While I can’t compare these Duracell Powermat to another brand, I can compare to other Duracell Powermats and try to point those who are curious, to the best Powermat that suits your needs.


The battery comes pre-charged (enough for one device charge) and comes with a USB to micro USB cable.

The battery has a capacity of 8800 mAh Lithium-Ion Prismatic, output=5VCD1A/2.1A.


On the battery are two USB inputs and a Micro USB input. Connect your device and it’s USB cable to the battery. On top of the battery is a bronze Duracell Powermat logo, click on it to turn it on and that is it.

All you have to do is check your cell phone, iPad or whatever USB device to see if it is indeed recharging.

If you need to charge two devices at once, the maximum power output of the battery is 2.1 A and you can split the power between the dual ports.

NOTE: It’s important to note that you CAN NOT charge the PowerMat and use your device at the same time. But you can possibly use your device that is being charged by the PowerMat at the same time, when you are not charging your PowerMat.

There are four LED’s right on top of the device. A short press shows the LED’s and will quickly show you the current power level.


There are two ways to charge this device, one way is to put the GoPower Overnighter on top of a PowerMat, TravelMat or any wireless charging surface marked with the “P” to start charging.

The second way is by connecting it to your USB power on your computer.

There is a third way (but not shown in the booklet), is if you have another PowerMat that came with an outlet adapter, you can use the adapter with this device.

As you are charging, the LED indicator will blink, moving from position 1 to 4 until charging is complete.

The GoPower Long Haul Battery is a device that is square shaped, unlike the Duracell PowerMat TravelMat Travel Charger which is more rectangle. Easy to fit into a coat pocket and some bigger pockets on jeans.

The device works as intended, give you four cell phone/iPhone recharges or two iPad recharges or several USB recharges for certain devices depending on the device.

But these are great devices to have for emergency purposes, to have during vacation, camping or if you are on location and far from a charging outlet or device.

It’s important to note that if you want just two charges, then the Duracell Powermat GoPower Overnighter Battery – Retail Packaging – Black is all you need at it is under $80. Otherwise, if you want the power of double the charges and the ability to charge two things at once, then this Long Haul battery is what you will want to own.

I know for some people, the caveat will be its price. At under $130, it may be too steep for some people.

I do like the device but compared to the Duracell Powermat PM1PB1 TravelMat Travel Charger – Retail Packaging, the PM1PB1 does have a power button in the side with sound when turning it on or off and also comes with a wall outlet adapter. But it’s $129.

But unlike the TravelMat Travel Charger and the GoPower Overnighter, this Long Haul Battery charges two devices at once and you get double the power, so $129 is not too bad considering the prices of these wireless battery chargers are at this current time.

Overall, for someone needing a backup wireless charging device that gives you up to four charges, I definitely recommend the GoPower Long Haul battery. It’s a bit pricey but if you travel constantly, on assignment far from an outlet or charging device or you live in areas with a lot of brown/blackouts or areas that are affected by natural disasters, for your peace of mind, it’s worth owning these devices for emergencies.

For those needing double the power and the ability to charge two devices at once… The GoPower Long Haul battery is recommended!