The One about the Wolverine F2D Mighty 20MP 7-in-1 Film to Digital Converter


Back in 1999, digital cameras were still 1-2 mp and for me and many of my friends, we were still shooting in film and for one friend, he shot many of our activities via slides.

At the time, all we had at our college was one negative/slide scanner which took like five minutes or so to scan one image and for some reason, the images had a rainbow tinge to them. I gave up scanning until 2002 or so,when I decided to purchase a device to put on my Epson scanner to scan slides and negatives…and sure enough, it was terrible and I have given up trying to scan negatives and slides.

12 years later… I have been looking for a negative and slide scanner or converter and noticed that Wolverine makes devices that specialize in that and are quite affordable. And most importantly, they work with newer PC’s and Mac’s.

So, I decided it was time to try the Wolverine F2D Might Film to Digital Converter.

It’s fairly easy to use. Plug in the USB adapter to your computer or hub, or you can plug it into an adapter to power the unit. Use the build in memory (which can store 35-40 digital images) or use an optional SD/SDHC Memory Card to save your images..

Clean your unit with the cleaning brush with felt side down to wipe dust off the light table or take one of the film/slide adapters and get things started.

It was user friendly, turn on, select what you are going to scan – slide, color negative, black and white, movie positive (super 8mm or 8mm). Move your slider or negative and when you see the desired screen, hit the capture button and save.

It’s that easy!


But is it perfect? I had more success with the negatives than slides. The negatives came out nice and bright, while the slides had some fluctuation with light it seems…same slide, but notice some light shifts from lighter to darker.

But both worked quite well… I did notice that when opening in Adobe PhotoShop, had to adjust the image quite a bit and lower the DPI as the DPI for the slides was like 4000 instead of 72 or 300. But no problem, it was easy to adjust the image in your favorite imaging program.

Had no problems using this device with a Mac or PC. Both computers recognized the device and was able to import the images easily.


Overall, the Wolverine F2D Mighty worked very well. No long scanning, just put your negative or slide using the accompanying adapters and when you see your image, hit capture and save.

The menu could be perfected a bit but finding a way to increase exposure or adjusting colors is easy, just finding a way to go back to menu after conversion, may be a difficult for some. But otherwise, the device is very easy to use.

I do recommend check out the Wolverine F2D YouTube video before purchasing this device, to get a good look of how things are done. But it’s fairly easy.

The menu is also very easy in allowing you to choose English or Japanese language, formatting your card or online memory, choosing a slide, negative, b/w or movie positive.

If I had any concerns, it was certain light fluctuations that happened a few times (moreso for slides), but not sure if it’s the unit itself or that’s how things are.

But for the most part, I was quite pleased with how this unit worked and definitely beat out the type of digital converters I have used in the past. It’s a converter not a scanner but for its pricepoint, it’s a pretty good deal for those wanting to convert old negatives, slides or movie positives.