The One about Prada Luna Rossa


Back in October, I wrote the following on my FB page:

When it comes to cologne, in the last five years, I have went from Ralph Lauren one year, to Georgia Armani Code Black and Acqua di Gio, until settling with Versace’s Eau de Toillette and Eau Fraiche for the last 2.5 years. I simply loved the scent and it was the cologne that I would receive the most compliments.

And for me, cologne is a necessary thing to wear, especially if you are nicely dressed, have the product in the hair, you also want to smell your best.

As 2015 is around the corner, I figured it was time to make a change and it was tough considering I have used Versace for so long and received so much compliments over the years for it.

But I needed a change…

So, it was either Ralph Lauren “Red”, Gucci’s “Guilty” but in the end, it was Prada’s “Luna Rossa”.

As much as I contemplated Ralph Lauren “Red”, the way it’s being promoted now…made me feel everyone will be wearing it and I do not want to wear cologne that everyone else is wearing. It’s definitely more towards sporty with lavender, which I like.

We’ll see how it goes…

In March 2015, I wanted to follow up with my review and say that I love the smell and the original hearttones of Prada Luna Rossa.

Lavender mixed with orange essence, clary sage, spearmint, ambrette and ambroxan really enhance this cologne right at the start.

But that was at the start as it slowly became muskier but while I have received compliments, on my personally, I felt it lasted only for a good hour or two.

With Versace, I had women coming to me hours later saying that they were coming over to see me because they wanted to smell my cologne.  With Prada Luna Rossa, I would get a compliment for the first hour or two and then it dissipated to oblivion.  Not what I expected from an Eu de Toilette, as I expected the lasting power to be much longer.  I personally want a cologne that will last longer than two hours.

Of course, each cologne interacts differently with each person but I suppose I came upon Prada Luna Rossa with too much expectation.

But I did love the initial scent of Prada Luna Rossa…if the cologne scent stayed a bit longer, I would have loved it even more.

But Prada Luna Rossa, you tugged at me to make me want to love you.  Then to buy you.

But in the end, neither of us were meant to be.