The One about the Affordable Aldo Deane – A Cap Toe Oxford


You probably have heard this many times before… one of the most essential shoes for a man to own in his wardrobe is a black cap toe oxford.

This is the go-to-shoe for job interviews, special events, weddings, funerals, it’s also cool to wear at work once in awhile.  But it’s the shoe you want to wear if you want to look stylish but know when to wear it and don’t.

According to the, “A cap toe oxford is a closed lacing shoe with a straight stitch cap, with the quarters sewn under the vamp and fastens together by laces over the tongue, which is sewn onto the vamp.”

And a black cap toe oxford is not going to be difficult to find but the question is how much are you willing to spend?

Let’s assume that you can’t afford an expensive $500+ version cap toe oxford.  Let alone a $300 cap toe oxford.

If your budget is $120 or less, then definitely give ALDO’s a chance as their DEANE is currently on sale for $60 (originally priced at $120).

The DEANE is made with leather and has a rubber sole.  The shoe features a dress lace-up, cap toe, tonal stitching and synthetic lining. The shoes are made in China and they are indeed fit to size.

The shoes are quite comfortable and when you compare to other cheaper black oxfords that sell much less, typically you get faux stitching, but this shoe does come with tonal stitching and it is absolutely comfortable.

Again, this is a shoe you may not be wearing all too often, because like most rubber soles, they will eventually wear out.  So, these shoes can rest inside your closet or perhaps this is a good opportunity to take advantage of cedar shoe trees to help keep the shoe formed and more.

It’s no doubt a sleek shoe and if you are in the market for one but don’t have the budget to spend several hundred dollars, then definitely give ALDO’s DEANE a try!