The One about Leslie Kee

If there is one photographer that truly inspires me, it would be Singaporean photographer Leslie Kee. Based in Tokyo, Leslie attended Tokyo Visual Arts School to get a diploma in photography.  Having graduated in 1997, he was unable to find work until he was given a chance by City Magazine in 1998 to photograph Takeshi Kaneshiro. Needless to say, his worked impressed Vogue Taiwan and Leslie Kee would be featured […]

The One about the Cedar Shoe Trees

For many people, unfortunately taking care of dress shoes are not a priority. But if you spent your long hard money on leather shoes that you want to last forever, you have to maintain them. Of course, there are many ways to take care of a leather shoe, from using lotion/soap/wax, placing them in shoe bags, never wearing them for consecutive days, etc.  But #1 on your list for maintaining […]

The One about the Original Penguin Up to 80% Off Sale

Head over to the Original Penguin website as the online shop has a sale with items up to 80% off. Use the code: OPTEXTRA for 10% off and if you are a first time customer, use the code: OPEMAIL for 20% off.  These codes do not stack! Costello Fingerless Gloves  (Multiple Colors) – Originally $45.00 – Now $14.99 Puff Vest (two colors – Rifle Green or Ketchup) – Originally $175.00, […]

The One about the Ralph Lauren Up to 75% Off – End of Season Sale (January 27, 2015)

Not long after their fantastic sale earlier in the month, Ralph Lauren currently has their “END OF SEASON SALE” in which items are up to 75% off and the code: LOVE15 gets you free shipping. While the last sale featured many shirts on sale as low as $31.99, with the current sale, many of them are $39.99 at this time. Which is still good considering that polo shirts or dress […]

The One about Tying Your Shoelaces

Quite often, I noticed that a few men wearing shoes with their shoelaces undone and having to retie and retie again after they have come loose. And I see it even more frequently with guys who wear boots.  Their shoelaces are often getting undone.  One guy I know steps on them far too often that his shoelaces fray and he often blames the shoelaces and not because of how he […]

The One about the Travelpro FlightSpin 2 Spinners

If you are traveling internationally, you’re going to need luggage between 29″-33″. May it be to carrier extra clothes, shoes, jackets.  Or if you are a photographer and want to include a tripod or someone who has purchased many gifts from another country and want to bring plenty home.  You’ll need the extra room! But the big question for the budding sartorial consumer is if they should spend a lot […]